New bus route X6 to travel through Spectrum Business Park

We’re very excited to say we now have a brand new Go North East bus service, X6, running through Spectrum Business Park which will give all businesses and their employees a wider range of services and more flexibility. This service will run alongside the existing X7 service which runs from sunderland and Peterlee bus station.

As the community continues to grow here at the park, we’re keen to ensure there’s local transport in place to support our tenant’s needs, so we’re delighted to share this news!

As of Monday 5th December the X6 bus route has been accessible to  the public. This route will give tenants a direct link to Hartlepool and improve the frequency from Sunderland. You’ll also be able to identify the X6 bus by the Spectrum branding on the buses!

X6 bus service details: 

X6 – Sunderland, Seaham, Spectrum Business Park, Dalton Park, East Durham College, Peterlee Bus Station, Horden, Blackhall to Hartlepool

A new hourly service which will run limited stop from Sunderland via the same route as the X7 to Seaham and Spectrum Business Park.  Buses will then serve Dalton Park and run via the A19 to the Moorcock pub in Peterlee and then serve all stops via East Durham College, Peterlee Bus Station, Horden & Blackhall.  In Hartlepool, buses will run via King Oswy Drive, Davison Drive and the Hospital before serving stops in the Town Centre and terminating at Asda.


X7 bus service details: 

X7 – Sunderland, Seaham, Spectrum Business Park, Peterlee Bus Station to Oakerside

Our current hourly service will continue to run between Sunderland and Peterlee Bus Station with buses then running to Oakerside in Peterlee with a one way loop serving Passfield Way, Grampian Drive, Pennine Drive, Durham Way, Oakerside Drive, Helford Road & Soothsay.

Timetables for both the X6 and X7 route can be found on the Go North East website;

Go North East provide a local bus service and connect the region’s towns and villages with the cities of Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland.

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