New Spectrum 7 Tenant BIDFORCE to hold business workshop

BIDFORCE, one of the latest tenants to move into the Spectrum 7 building, are due to host a workshop for other businesses in the park to provide advice on producing a winning bid for new work.

Located in EDBS Novus, BIDFORCE are a business support enterprise that specialises in helping firms to compete successfully for new contracts, whether from the public sector or from corporate business.

On September 25th, they will conduct a presentation with fellow tenants that use the bid, tender or proposal process to cover what customers expect to see in a winning bid.

Using their 30 years of experience in this area and drawing on lessons learnt from work with clients across industries and professions, they will highlight the 20 key things that every firm must do to make it’s bid credible and convincing, as well as offering handy tips and tricks that tenants can put into practise straight away.

With regards to why you might be interested in attending the presentation, Jamie from BIDFORCE has said that ‘The competitive environment in which our customers work is facing change, since the rules governing public procurement in the UK have recently been relaxed to give SMEs easier access to the public sector marketplace.

“Firms now have to complete less paperwork, but competitive bids remain the key means of winning contracts from public authorities and corporate business.”

This is not the first workshop of it’s kind to be taking place in Spectrum Business Park; the development itself is a huge community of new, growing and thriving businesses which work together to support each other, and it’s extremely common for tenants to have a number of clients within the park.

Other sessions that have previously taken place in Spectrum include networking events set up by tenants, marketing workshops and even free health checks from the NHS. Locating your business in Spectrum means more than just finding an office – it provides you with a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners who can benefit from your expertise just as much as you can benefit from theirs.

The BIDFORCE workshop will last a total of 2 hours and is open to all tenants in Spectrum Business Park. To find out more, contact Jamie from BIDFORCE on

To find out more about joining the Spectrum Business Park community, contact us to arrange a visit on 07946 439 970 or

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