Want to find out more about our superfast connectivity with Aspire Technology Solutions?

We’re proud to be working in partnership with Aspire Technologies to provide our current and future tenants the best possible connectivity. We know how important a fast fibre  connection is for you, in fact, it’s usually one of the first questions people ask us when they come to view our beautiful office space here in County Durham; ‘What’s the fibre connectivity like at Spectrum?’ So we wanted to put together this blog for you to share with you all the information you need to know about getting connected here at Spectrum Business Park.


In this blog we’ll cover everything from cost and timescales through to connection and support.


What is a leased line connection and why is this important? 

Think of a leased line like your own reliable internet connection. Leased lines are sometimes known as private circuits. You do not share your connection with anyone else, so for example, if someone in the office space next door is using a lot of bandwidth, because you have your own private leased line, your connection will not be affected. Leased lines provide a guaranteed level of service and speed offering fast data transfers over a completely secure connection. It’s fantastic.


How strong is the connection and how reliable is it?

Because you will have your own leased line, you’re guaranteed availability of 99.9%. Technically speaking, unless someone actually digs up and cuts your cable you will have connection access. You will not have to worry about whether internet is down. Spectrum Business Park is located in a top tier location for internet connectivity. If your business relies on internet connectivity – this really is the perfect location.


How much will everything cost? 

We’re pleased to let you know that as a national internet service provider (ISP) in their own right, Aspire has the best buy-price in the UK, so they can guarantee a very competitive quote. Pricing would be sent to each tenant upon request. Further down in this blog, you’ll see the process you’ll go through with Aspire if you decide you would like to move forward.


Will there be any excess construction charges? 

We’re confident their wont be any extra charges included, however Aspire will complete an onsite survey ahead of hooking you up and will flag anything that looks like there could be extra work involved. Subject to survey, in this location, it shouldn’t cost anything


Will technical support be provided if we need it?

Yes, Aspire have their own service desk and pro-active monitoring. If you do experience any issues or if for any reason your connection is slow, Aspire will already be monitoring this and most likely will be on the case. If something does go down for any reason, Aspire will provide a guaranteed 2 hour response and have a 4hr guaranteed fix response. With Aspire being based in Gateshead, they’re confident they would get to Spectrum Business Park much quicker. We also know how important it can be for IT Managers and businesses to fully understand their ISP’s network and resiliency, so Aspire have an open door policy and welcome all customers to come to our Gateshead office to meet and understand our service delivery and networks teams.


When I move in to my new office space at Spectrum Business Park, how quickly can we expect to have our connection up and running?

We always say 3 months maximum, however once Aspire has completed your survey they can look to push things through as soon as possible and we usually see a much quick completion time.


Ok, great, I’d love to work with Aspire, what happens next? 

  1. Contact Oliver Birleson at oliver.birleson@aspirets.com – Oliver is our dedicated account manager here at Spectrum Business Park.
  2. Oliver will come and visit you at Spectrum Business Park to find out more about your bandwidth requirements
  3. You will be invited to meet with Aspire at their Gateshead Headquarters should you wish to understand and see the networks operation.
  4. From here you will agree the terms of your connection to ensure you have everything covered and then we will complete a survey
  5. Aspire will endeavor to get the leased line live as quickly as possible
  6. You’re good to go!


Please note tenants can of course choose another connectivity supplier, however Aspire is our preferred partner as we know they provide a outstanding service.

To find out more about our connectivity with Aspire, click here to download our brochure.

Business Park with great connectivity in the North east


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